Tools and resources

Tools and resources for buying solo ads

  1. Buying solo ads

    There is several places to buy and sell solo ads online, in most cases it can be tough to choose the right vendor for your marketing campaigns and most importantly it can become very costly.

    Thats why we recommend using Cleeko Marketplace since its an all in one marketplace where you can choose trusted vendors with real time reviews and traffic that will match your targeted audience.

  2. Click tracking software

    The 2 most popular click tracking software for tracking solo ads campaigns are Qliker and Clickmagick, in general most sellers and buyers use Qliker since they are not as strict when it comes to compliance.

    However, if you want to go more in-depth tracking with CPA and affiliate marketing campaigns then we would highly recommend  using Clickmagick for tracking subscribers and sales events.

  3. Affiliate networks 

    Here is a list of the most common networks with good affiliate offers to promote, the most common one we have worked with is Nexus offers, but there is several others you can choose from so its always best to signup to them all and test different offers depending on your niche.

    Just a side note: Nexus offers and offer blueprint are private networks and only allow invites. If you decide to apply there just contact me on the “contact us” form and we will help you get approved.

    Nexus offers
    Offer Blueprint
    Warrior Plus

  4. Landing page builder

    If you’re not a tech savy with no coding experience then its a must to get a landing page builder, the most common one is Click Funnels which is more costly but more features and better integrations.

  5. Email marketing software

    The most common email marketing software is Aweber, but these days they have become very strict so many marketers use Getresponse, or you can choose from the list below.

  6. Payment processors

    Stripe and Paypal is the best for receiving payments if you are a solo ads seller, just be warned that you must be fully compliant as they will shut you down in a heartbeat.

    Another payment method which is useful is Wise (formerly transferwise) this is a very common payment platform to use for receiving and sending cross border payments with very low fees and you can withdraw your funds very easily.

If you are still unsure about how solo ads work then you can see some useful tips on our recent posts here