How to Make Money With Affiliate Marketing

Wondering how to make money with affiliate marketing? 

Great question!

Affiliate marketing is a powerful tool that allows you to collaborate with top-tier affiliate marketing programs while earning money for every successful referral. 

And best of all, getting started doesn’t require years of knowledge or hard work…as long as you have dedication and know where to look for quality affiliate products. 

We’ll show how anyone can start making money with affiliate marketing right away without sacrificing results…

Ready? Let’s help you to start tapping into unlimited potential today!

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is a powerful tool for business owners to achieve the following. 

  • Unlock new potential customers
  • Drive sales
  • Maximize their reach

It’s a performance-based approach that rewards affiliates who successfully introduce targeted customers to the business’ products or services. 

It allows each business, as an affiliate partner, access to new audiences of interested consumers without any extra effort on their part.

As a person learning how to make money with affiliate marketing, the marketing method gives you the opportunity to work when it suits you, from anywhere in the world.

Other advantages exist like bonuses, rewards and effective tools that give affiliates a powerful edge.

The Main Type of Affiliate Program

The best way to make money as an affiliate involves driving traffic to an offer that pays a “per sale” commission. 


You will promote a specific product and when someone buys that product, the vendor pays out your commission. 

It really is that simple and the easiest way to get started online.

There are also other forms of affiliate marketing:

  • Cost per action (CPA)
  • Cost per lead (CPL)
  • Cost per impression (CPI) 

Benefits of Being an Affiliate Marketer

Being an affiliate marketer has many advantages that make it a great choice for those looking to start their own online business. Affiliate marketing offers low start-up costs, passive income potential, and flexibility.

Low Start-Up Costs

Don’t have much money to start with?

No worries…

Affiliate marketing offers an amazing opportunity to start generating income with little upfront investment. 

From having a website or blog and understanding how to market products, to utilizing free social networks and email lists, there are various cost-effective ways available for getting started on your journey as an affiliate.

Passive Income Potential

Affiliate marketing provides the opportunity to earn a passive income from your efforts. 

By building up and establishing yourself as a trusted expert in your niche area, it allows for lucrative opportunities where you simply promote products or services to a target audience. 

Then, get a commission every time someone purchases something through your referral links. This way of making money takes minimal effort but could reap rewarding financial rewards over time.

Another major perk of learning how to make money within the affiliate marketing industry?

Its impressive flexibility…

You can work from anywhere at any time using only a computer or smartphone with Internet access.

Never face those rigid 9-5 office hours again! 

Plus, since commissions are performance based, you have full control over how much effort you want to invest every day in relation to your expected compensation.

How to Make Money with Affiliate Marketing

women at desk working as affiliate marketer

Let’s dig into a few general tips that will result in earning money as a new affiliate.

To kickstart your journey as an affiliate marketer, the first step is to choose a topic that you’re passionate about and explore the best affiliate programs related to it. 

Finding an authentic affiliate network isn’t difficult when websites like ClickBank or Commission Junction have plenty of options. 

After selecting the right products for promotion, set up a blog or website. It will be your online hub where all the magic happens!

Driving targeted website visitors to your website is essential during your affiliate marketing efforts. 

You can do it via SEO techniques that might include:

  • Keyword research
  • Optimizing high-quality content for search engines
  • Placing a unique link strategically

Or, you might use paid advertising methods like Google Ads to make affiliate marketing work for you. Another option involves leveraging social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok. 

Don’t want to dance on TikTok?

Yep…we feel ya there. 

Why not buy solo ads instead? 

With solo ads, you simply pay someone to send an email broadcast that contains your affiliate link. Solo ads are a great way to get traffic quickly, but it’s important to find a reliable vendor who is sending quality leads.

You can also develop your own email subscriber list over time. Create email campaigns that help your new leads understand the value of buying the product you promote. 

Need a few more ideas as you learn how to make money with affiliate marketing?

Other options for promoting your affiliate offers include:

  • Running influencer outreach programs
  • Participating in forums related to your niche
  • Guest blogging on relevant sites

Finally, tracking results is key when it comes to becoming a successful affiliate marketer. 

Use analytics tools such as Google Analytics or similar software solutions. You can gain insight into:

  • Selecting the best niche
  • How much traffic each page of your site receives
  • What keywords work best to attract targeted visitors
  • How many clicks each link gets

The data from looking at your analytics can help you determine which strategies work most effectively for generating sales from your affiliate site.

Getting Started Quickly With Affiliate Marketing

Use the following tips to get your new affiliate marketing business ramped up as quickly as you can.

Research Successful Affiliates

To get ahead in the world of affiliate marketing, conducting research on successful affiliates and other content creators is essential. 

Keep an eye out for emerging trends. Look for new developments that can help you stay at the forefront of your niche.

You gain a competitive edge by doing this work. 

Start by reading reviews from blogs or websites about products and services that you might want to promote. Doing so is invaluable when deciding which ones best suit your business goals.

Leverage Existing Relationships

Get a jumpstart on affiliate marketing by leveraging relationships you already have. 

Connect with potential partners and make personal alliances. Promote their products or services through your website and other promotional materials. 

Influencers can also become invaluable allies. If they boast an impressive online following, teaming up may lead to further success.

Related note:

Once you get one product selling well, contact that company’s affiliate manager. 

They’ll know your name by that time!

Ask them if they’re willing to boost your affiliate commission percentage or offer to build you customized landing pages for improved tracking and conversions. 

A product owner wants to work with their best affiliates. It puts more money in their pockets, too. 

Utilize Social Media Platforms

We briefly mentioned social media above. 

Don’t take your social media profiles for granted.

Leverage the power of social media posts to quickly kickstart your affiliate marketing journey.

Platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest set you up to connect in an instant with potential customers. 

Already have a well-performing social account?

Engaging those followers with captivating content that resonates will jumpstart your efforts. 

Foster trust among prospects while driving traffic back towards your own website, capture pages, or affiliate sales page. 

Promote Your Affiliate Links: Going Deeper

Want to know more about getting clicks on your affiliate links?


Let’s dig into more details about how to use the best affiliate marketing channels.

Email Marketing

email marketing vital as an affiliate

You must grow your own list. Don’t make the mistake of the average affiliate marketer, which is:

Building the list of the vendor’s list. 

Avoid using the capture pages provided to you by the company you’re promoting for. 

Learn how to create your own landing pages and drive traffic into your email service provider. 

For landing pages, you can use software like:

  • Leadpages
  • Instapage
  • ClickFunnels

After a lead opts into your capture page, get them into an email marketing platform like Drip. Mailchimp, or ActiveCampaign. 

Reach out to potential customers with offers and promotions. 

You can create automated emails that go out on a regular basis. Or, you might decide to send personalized messages in real time. 

Provide value in each message so people click on your link and make a purchase.

Content Marketing

Gaining traction with content marketing is crucial when you want to know how to make money with affiliate marketing. 

Content marketing involves creating valuable content related to the product or service you’re promoting via your affiliate link. 

You might decide to use the following content channels:

  • Blog posts
  • Videos
  • Podcasts
  • Ebooks
  • Webinars

Think of “content” as anything providing helpful information about the product or service while also including a call-to-action to click on your affiliate link.

Want examples? 

Let’s do it…

YouTube is one platform to consider for promoting affiliate offers. 

Via high-quality YouTube videos, you can share your knowledge and expertise about the product or service. 

You can also create reviews to give potential customers more information and insights into all the benefits. 

As well, you can link directly to the merchant website within your YouTube video description so viewers can easily buy the product. 

Or, you can go ninja:

Encourage them to go to a capture page that builds your list. 

Lastly, you might decide to encourage viewers to subscribe to your YouTube channel. Doing so will notify them when you release new videos.

Here’s another example of using content marketing. 

Get busy with a blog. 

There are a few key steps to take. 

First, select an engaging blog topic that will capture the attention of readers. 

Write a blog post with helpful content. Include links in your posts back to the offer page or your email list. 

With some patience and consistent effort, you can easily use a blog to promote affiliate offers.

How to Track Your Results

Getting excited about how to make money with affiliate marketing?

Know this:

An online business is only as successful as its ability to track progress and improve its conversion rate.

Monitoring your efforts lets you know what’s working and where improvement or changes are necessary. It helps you steer clear of wasted resources due to meaningless campaigns. 

Fortunately, plenty of tools exist for tracking success. Use them to gain full understanding of how to obtain better results over time. 

Use these tips to get started with your tracking efforts.

1) Set Goals

Before beginning any campaign, it’s important to set clear goals so you have something tangible to measure against when evaluating performance. 

Consider setting both short-term and long-term goals such as increasing website traffic by 10% within one month or doubling revenue within six months.

2) Choose Tracking Tools

Depending on your data collection requirements, there are various tracking tools available to help you capture the necessary information.

For example, Google Analytics is excellent for collecting website visitor data. A/B testing tools like Optimizely allow you to compare two versions of a page to determine which performs better with visitors.

3) Monitor Progress Regularly

Once you’ve chosen the right tracking tools, monitor progress regularly in order to stay up-to-date on how well (or poorly) each campaign performs relative to its goals. 

If necessary, adjust tactics accordingly in order ensure maximum efficiency and effectiveness moving forward.

4) Analyze Results & Take Action

After monitoring progress over time, take a step back and analyze the overall performance of each campaign. 

From here, decide whether or not to make adjustments based on what you’ve learned. This could mean making changes to a specific campaign or even pivoting to an entirely new option, if needed.

FAQs: How to Make Money With Affiliate Marketing

Learning how to make money with affiliate marketing brings up many questions. Let’s answer a few for you.

Can beginners do well with affiliate marketing?

Yes, beginners can do affiliate marketing well. Arm yourself with the proper knowledge. Commit to growing with your education and revenue by becoming a student of the game. 

There’s no need to wait forever to earn money as a beginner. Leverage faster marketing methods (paid ads or solo ads) while slower marketing methods (blogging, content marketing, and social media marketing) take hold for you. 

How much can I earn as a beginner affiliate marketer?

The amount of money you’ll make as an affiliate depends on several factors:

  • The type of program you join
  • How much traffic you generate
  • How well you convert visitors into sales

For those starting out in the fascinating realm of affiliate marketing, earning potential can range from $100-$500 per month. 

As you gain experience and create effective campaigns to drive traffic and convert sales, your revenue could reach six figures. 

Why not commit to becoming the next success story?

What type of products make the most money in affiliate marketing?

Digital products are typically your best friends in terms of profitability in affiliate marketing. You can deliver them quickly without involving the subject of shipping.

Digital product options include:

  • eBooks
  • Online courses
  • Subscription services
  • Hosting services

These types of products tend to have a higher commission rate.

Don’t let that stop you from promoting what gets you excited. 

You might want to use electronics or physical goods like clothes and furniture inside your affiliate business. 

Wrapping Up

So, what do you think?

Do you more effectively understand how to make money with affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing offers the potential for significant income. It requires minimal start-up costs. 

With the right strategy, tools and hard work, anyone can become an affiliate marketer and start making money. 


To get started quickly, research products you’re passionate about or have knowledge of, create a website or blog to promote them, and then drive traffic to your site through content creation and social media promotion. 

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“But I want fast results.”

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