Buy Solo Ads: Best Traffic-Generating Solo Ad Vendors

Is it worth it to buy solo ads?

If you’re an affiliate marketer or the owner of an online business, strongly consider finding top solo ad vendors to purchase from.

Why do we say that?

As a marketer looking for an effective way to boost your traffic to offers, you can buy solo ads and get your message in front of targeted prospects.

We’ll show you how to find reputable ad vendors with verified histories of delivering targeted leads.

But what are solo ads exactly?

Let’s first dive into answering that question.

We’ll explain the benefits of going the solo ad route. We will then give you our top picks of solo ad vendors offering quality services.

What Are Solo Ads?

Solo ads are advertisements sent to an engaged email buyers list. You’re buying the right to send emails to a provider’s list of subscribers.

Don’t let the simplicity affect your thoughts about the concept. The strategy is effective in helping you quickly reach thousands of potential customers.

How Do Solo Ads Work?

You will need to provide the solo ad vendor with a landing page.

What’s a landing page?

It’s the page you give your provider to send their solo ads traffic to. The email list owner will then send his or her list of subscribers an email detailing your offer. The email campaign will direct readers straight to your landing page by providing a link within the message.

Your landing page should include information about the offer. Craft persuasive copy that compels your audience to take action and make an impact.

You can choose to send solo ad traffic to a sales page or an optin page. Typically, though, it’s best to build your list first so you can make long-term sales.

From there, your job is to track how many people clicked on your link. Measure the success of the email marketing campaign by looking at your opt-in rate and sales conversion results.

Do Solo Ads Still Work?


It is productive to buy solo ads.

Your offer solves specific problems for your best-fit clients. Solo ads work as long as you find a vendor list with prospects looking to solve those problems.

Want a few tips for selecting a solo ads vendor wisely?

Look for vendors with a proven history of delivering quality results. Check into the total number of subscribers on their mailing list. Ask what kind of results they’ve had with past campaigns.

Research pricing models. Different vendors offer various pricing arrangements. Find options that will work best for you.

Ask about delivery timeframes. If you need your campaign delivered quickly, make sure the solo ad vendor can accommodate you.

Here are three additional tips to consider:

  • Read reviews from previous customers
  • Review customer service ratings
  • Verify email addresses

Who Can Buy Solo Ads?

Anyone can use solo ads.

However, affiliate marketers and online business owners primarily use them to promote their products or services.

Plenty of other businesses can use solo ads:

  • Offline businesses looking to increase leads and sales
  • Authors who want to promote books or courses
  • Freelancers needing to advertise services
  • eCommerce owners in search of higher conversion rates
  • Content creators looking to grow a following

The Benefits of Using Solo Ads

Benefits to solo ads abound!

Let’s review each of those benefits.


The effort taken to buy solo ads is highly scalable.

Unlike other forms of online advertising, solo ads allow you to reach a large number of people without having to spend a lot of money. You can start with a small budget and gradually increase it as your business grows.

It is one of the main reasons why solo ads are an option for affiliate marketers working to gain ground in the industry. As a more established online business owner, use solo ads to find a new flow of monthly customers.

No Account Bans

Tried paid ads?

Watched your account get shut down?

There is no risk of account bans with email marketing via solo ads. Unlike paid ads, solo ads are not controlled by major social media platforms.

You need to act ethically, of course.

However, there are no days-long terms of service agreements to adhere to. You’ll love this aspect of email ads if you’re starting a new affiliate marketing venture and still building your reputation.

No Complex Targeting

Solo ads are simpler than paid ads when it comes to targeting.

You don’t have to worry about difficult targeting options or trying to figure out the best demographics to reach. Simply send your ad to a list of people interested in your specific niche, count the number of clicks, and measure your conversion rate.


Using solo ads allows more transparency than other forms of advertising. It’s easy to verify whether or not the traffic converts into leads or sales.

You will always know exactly where your money goes.

Solo ads make it simple to see how many visits your affiliate links or opt-in landing pages receive.

No Learning Curve

Tired of the learning curve associated with SEO, paid ads, or YouTube shorts?


The best way to avoid learning curves is to buy solo ads.

All you do is provide an opt-in landing page. Sit back and let the list owner do their job with their list of subscribers. You can say goodbye to researching how different ad networks work or setting up mind-bending tracking systems.

Get Fast Traffic That Converts

Solo ad traffic converts faster than many other forms of advertising. It’s exclusively targeted toward people already interested in what you sell.

Think of it this way:

Solo ads are like a laser beam, focused and direct, reaching the exact audience you want to target with precision.

High Readiness To Buy

Solo ad traffic targets prospects well and converts well from lead to sale. It typically yields high returns on investment (ROI).

Not only does it tend to cost less per click compared to methods like PPC (pay-per-click) advertising…

…it also attracts leads ready to make purchase decisions sooner rather than later.

Emotionally Invested Leads


You’re sending your sales messaging to a list of subscribers the list owner knows will respond well to your offer.

Together, you and your solo ads vendor know the audience is emotionally connected to solving the big problem you solve.

Human Businesses – Not AI

The AI buzz has taken the Internet marketing world by storm.

More than we’ve ever seen, we see this:

Everyone seems extremely interested in doing as little work as possible for profits.

Solo ads place you inside a human business.

You connect with a human list owner, run a solo ad campaign, and receive human beings interested in buying from you.


To the point.


If you invest time in building a relationship with a few key list owners, you can outsell many competitors trying to “game” the system with artificial intelligence.

How To Run a Successful Solo Ad Traffic Campaign

Let’s quickly bring you up to speed about how to buy solo ads and run a campaign that brings your desired results.

Define Your Target Audience

Who are your ideal customers?

What are their interests and pain points?

Knowing your target market will help you choose the right solo ad vendor and create a compelling ad that resonates with your audience.

Create Compelling Ad Copy

Write an ad that speaks directly to your target audience. Use language they will understand. Highlight what sets you apart from competitors. Focus on benefits rather than features.

Don’t use too many words. Brevity goes a long way with solo ads. Create curiosity to increase the number of clicks and conversion rate.

Use a catchy headline and a clear call to action. Also, make sure your ad is mobile-friendly, as many people read their emails on their smartphones.

Test and Track Your Results

Track the results of each ad run. Use a tracking link to measure how many clicks your ad receives. Use tools like Google Analytics to see how visitors flow through your marketing funnel. Based on this data, you can adjust your ad and improve your results.

How To Improve Your Opt-in Rates

As you receive data, you can optimize for opt-in rate improvements. For example, if you find out that most people click the ad but don’t opt in, work on optimizing your landing page.

Consider how various images, videos, or infographics might more effectively engage visitors.

3 Tools Every Solo Ads Marketer Should Use

As a solo ad marketer, you have plenty of tools at your disposal to help run successful campaigns.

Tracking Software for Solo Ads

Use tracking software to see:

  • How many clicks your ad gets
  • How many visitors opt into your landing page
  • Cost analysis
  • Profit analysis

Consider tools like Voluum, Clickmagick, and ThriveTracker. Each offers different features and pricing plans. Select the one that best fits your needs and budget.

Email Marketing Software

You need an email service provider to funnel your solo ad leads into.

Some of the most popular email marketing software options include:

  • MailChimp
  • Drip
  • AWeber
  • ActiveCampaign
  • GetResponse

These platforms offer a variety of features:

  • Email templates
  • Automation
  • Integrations with other tools

Ad Spy Tools To Help Buy Solo Ads

Ad spy tools allow you to see what your competitors do with their ad campaigns. The information can help you identify new ad ideas and strategies to use in your solo ad campaigns. Two of the most popular ad spy tools include AdPlexity and PowerAdSpy.

Where Can You Buy Solo Ads?

Outstanding question!

Finding the best solo ad vendors is crucial for running successful campaigns. Here are three places to look.


Although not our favorite option, you can give Fiverr a go. We mention it because it is an easy platform to use and you can compare reviews and prices.


  • Plenty of options
  • Convenient platform


  • Includes many small-list vendors
  • The traffic varies greatly
  • The quality of options will vary

Facebook Groups

We are not big fans of using this method either. However, you can potentially use them to connect with other marketers and compare solo ad marketplace stories.


  • Connect with other business owners for vendor recommendations
  • Niche-specific FB groups and vendors available


  • The quality of vendors can vary
  • Vendors with small lists are abundant
  • Less than desired group moderation

Solo Ad Vendors (Agency Experts)

Solo ad vendors are the best way to find solo ad opportunities.

These vendors specialize in solo ads. They typically have a large email list to offer.

It means you can expect high-quality traffic to your landing page.


  • Specialize in solo ads
  • Typically have a large email list
  • High-quality traffic
  • Most have a good reputation in the market


  • Pricing varies (research required to find best pricing)

Again, solo ad vendors are the most effective choice. You’re going straight to the source.

Instead of sifting through Fiverr providers and other distractions that come with Facebook groups, you’re working with a provider who runs a business around providing solo ad excellency.

Buy Solo Ads From Our List of Best Solo Ads Providers

At Cleeko, we humbly state that we provide the best solo ads.

We’re not alone in this assessment:

Silas Washington says, “Bought 300 clicks and got 335 and 98 optins. Will update after I see what follow-up can do.” (that’s a 30% opt-in rate on a first run!)

We offer solo ad opportunities in the following niches:

  • Health & Fitness
  • Cryptocurrency
  • Business Opportunities

Meet the best solo ad vendors on our solo ad marketplace.

Jason Thompson

Jason Thompson

  • Categories: Bizop, MLM, cryptocurrency, make money online
  • Confirmed positive ratings from Cleeko buyers:  189
  • Percent of customers who got sales: 281.61 %
  • Price per click that passed all Cleeko filters: $0.40
  • 90% Minimum Top Tier Traffic
  • Premium traffic direct from my own list (No brokering)
  • More than 2000 Fresh Leads Added Daily
  • Fast Delivery Included
  • My list is making me $35k+ per month
  • FREE funnel and landing page review

Lidia Djingga

Lidia Djingga

  • Categories: Make money online, business opportunity
  • Confirmed positive ratings from Cleeko buyers: 48
  • Percent of customers who got sales: 13.92 %
  • Price per click that passed all Cleeko filters: $0.49
  • 90% minimum Tier 1 Countries (US, CA, UK, NZ, AU)

Glenn Fedoruk

Glenn Fedoruk

  • Category: Health niche
  • Price per click that passed all Cleeko filters: $0.40
  • 25-55% Optin rate possible
  • Solo Ad Hall of Fame member
  • Can show repeat customers
  • 10,000 sales in 2020
  • Expert advice about sales funnels

Andrew Parron

Andrew Parron

  • Category: Cryptocurrency
  • Price per click that passed all Cleeko filters: $0.49
  • Over 100 clients report getting sales
  • Cleaned list
  • Will talk personally to discuss your strategy

Sarah Chew

Buy Solo Ads from Sarah

  • Categories: Business opportunity, MLM, make money online, cryptocurrency
  • Price per click that passed all Cleeko filters: $0.40
  • 80% – 100% T1 high-quality traffic
  • 4000 testimonials since 2015
  • 300-500 fresh daily leads

Chilim Ng

Chilim Ng

  • Category: Make money online
  • Price per click that passed all Cleeko filters: $0.40
  • Selling ads for five years
  • Excellent customer support
  • 90% Tier 1 country traffic
  • 500+ new leads added daily

Ajie Wibowo

Buy Solo Ads from Ajie Wibowo

  • Price per click that passed all Cleeko filters: $0.40
  • Focused on customer service
  • Will review your offer to ensure the correct fit
  • 93% Tier 1 country traffic
  • Price based on unique clicks (not raw)

What Our Clients Say

  • David Perdew: “Excellent run – good conversions and got sales.”
  • Andrew Morrow: “Awesome run. Sales as always.”
  • John w Newman: “Nice first run on Cleeko with Jason with some frontend sales.”
  • Rajubhai Rathod: “Good Seller! Thanks!”

What Makes Cleeko Different?

Unlike finding solo ad providers at Fiverr or in Facebook groups (or other social media), you’re using a verified solo ads vendor when using Cleeko.

We are Internet marketers ourselves. We know the challenges faced by online marketers, business owners, and anyone involved with affiliate marketing.

We know what it’s like to run a solo ad campaign without results as well.

For that reason, we have a vetting system for each solo ad provider on our platform. You can rest assured that you’re dealing with real people offering high-quality solo ad traffic.

Additionally, we’ve put protection in place. The Cleeko Protection includes the following:

  • Custom click tracker to verify each unique click
  • Pay only after getting your traffic
  • Verifiable ratings
  • Payment supervision
  • Access to Tier 1 traffic (United States, United Kingdom, New Zealand, etc)

Seller identification includes the Berbix verification process. We use facial biometrics tech to ensure each Cleeko solo ad seller is a verified “real person.” Our sellers can’t use multiple accounts to undermine our authenticity.

Worried about communication? Use our Cleeko messenger to remain in contact with your provider:

Cleeko messenger

Are you ready to benefit from the best solo ads in the industry?

Set up your account and let’s build your list and create new sales for your business!

When you buy solo ads from Cleeko, we keep you up-to-date with your order progress:

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